Dr. A. N. Yellappa Reddy, Born 06 June 1938 in a small village Adugodi near Bangalore, Karnataka, India, is a well-known Environmental Activist. Known best for his services in improving the forest development of India.

Personal Life

Early Life

Dr. A. N. Yellappa Reddy, Born 06 June 1938 in a small village Adugodi near Bangalore, Karnataka, India, is a well-known Environmental Activist. Known best for his services in improving the forest development of India.


Incidents and inspirations

Due to some reasons Dr. A. N. Yellappa Reddy started his school life late. He went to Adugodi Munichinnappa School, which was a Government Kannada medium School. he was always a bright student from the beginning. All the teachers liked him.

The leader

One day an English teacher Mr.Gopal Krishna asked Yellappa reddy to fetch some water to drink from a house nearby, As at the time there was no drinking water supply at the school. Mr.Reddy went to a house next to school and requested the women of the house to clean the vessel before she give the water. Women smiled at him and cleaned the vessel with Tamarind and handed the vessel full of clean water to drink. When Mr.Gopal Krishna took the Vessel to drink he immediately understood it was much clean than any other day. He called up Mr.Reddy and enquired what he did. And was very impressed and made Mr.Yellappa Reddy to be the leader of the class. This was the 1st incident in Dr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy’s life that triggered him to continue being a leader for rest of his life.

Lesson of life

All the formers around the village use to come to take milk. One day Mr.Yellappa Reddy riding his bicycle accidentally hit a former who was taking milk. All the milk was spilled. This made the former very angry. In the anger the former kicked Mr.Yellappa Reddy. As the former was waring boots, Yellappa Reddy was hurt bad. Everyone around him saw this incident, this incident made young Yellappa Reddy very sad. Feeling deeply insulted Mr.Reddy went home and locked himself in his room and didn’t speak to anyone about this. However as it was a very small village the news soon reached Mr.Reddy’s Mother. Mr.Reddy expected his father to Take action against the former. But nothing like that ever happened. Locking himself in the room Mr.Reddy was waiting to see what will happens. His mother knocked the door to call him for lunch. It was mutton that day his favorite. But Mr.Yellappa Reddy did not come out. He thought if he won’t come out people around will start caring about him. But to his disappointment no one cared about him and continued their work. That was the day Dr. A. N. Yellappa Reddy realized that Father, Mother, Society Won’t support you when you are wrong. You are responsible for your own mistakes.

English Medium

Mr.A.N Yellappa Reddy Started his schooling in Kannada Medium. But he always wished to study in English medium like his elder brother who was studying in St. Joseph High School. So ones he finished his primary school he applied to all the English Medium school for his high schooling. But he was rejected as he was from small village and did his schooling in Kannada medium. Disappointed A.N Yellappa Reddy didn’t miss any chance to join in a English Medium school. One day someone he knew told him that if he tries in Arya Vidya Shala which is located in Gandhi Nagar he may get a seat to study in their English Medium school. Without a second thought Mr.A,N Yellappa Reddy took his bicycle and went to meet the Head Master of the school. Mr.A,N Yellappa Reddy approached the head master with an application in his hand. Looking at him the Head Master told him that it is not possible for him to let Mr.A,N Yellappa Reddy stud stud in his school as his background is from kannada medium and he told it would be tough for Mr.A,N Yellappa Reddy to study in English. But Mr.A,N Yellappa Reddy promised him that he will study hard and asked to consider him and give him a chance to prove himself. Mr.Anand Rao the head master of the school noticed a strange confidence in young Yellappa Reddy’s eyes and smiled at him and took the application and said he can join in the school and study. 

Special Breakfast

Suppling Milk to the hotels was the family business of Mr.A,N Yellappa Reddy. Every morning young Yellappa Reddy use to wake up early at 5am. After getting ready to school he use to take milk to drop at Chickpet Kala Café on the way to school. As his school starts at 7.30 Am young Yellappa Reddy started his day very early. He was offered 2 idle and fresh chatni everyday by hotel as they noticed this young little guy’s dedication towards his work and education. One day Yellappa reddy told one of the hotel staff that he is bored eating idle every day. The staff smiled and ordered the kitchen staff to make Uppit especially for Yellappa Reddy and within 5 minutes Yellappa Reddy. Was surved hot Uppit This was the incident that made Mr.A.N Yellappa Reddy realize that if you do your job properly and be friendly the whole world will reflect your friendly nature.


After intermediate (PUC) Yellappa Reddy did not get seat in he joined in Agriculture College in the year 1957. As college started at 7.00 Am He had to start his day early. Though there was hostel facility in his college Mr.Yellappa Reddy use to ride on his bicycle from Adugodi to Hebbal every day as he did not wanted to trouble his father financially. As he was a fast learner and was scoring good marks Mr.Yellappa Reddy was offered scholarship. After Finishing B.Sc Agriculture Mr..Yellappa Reddy applied for In Coimbatore in 1960. As Mr.Yellappa Reddy was getting ready to join his friend Madappa was getting read was getting ready to write Public service examination (Forestry superior training). In the process Mr.Madappa got few extra applications. He approached Mr. Reddy and told that he had some extra application and forced Mr.Reddy to take one and apply. Unwillingly Mr. Reddy took the application paying 1 rupee to his friend. After few days on the day of results which was also the last day to submit the application for Public service examination (Forestry superior training). Not sure of passing in examination Mr.Reddy was in his room locked himself and was thinking what to do next in his life. Suddenly he heard his mother and his father knocking the door. Without any curiosity Mr.Reddy asked “what happened.?” His Mother shouted “Your results are out and u failed”. With a sad voice Mr.Reddy replied “Ya… I was knowing it”. Every one outside laughed out loud outside. Surprised! Reddy came out to see what was going on. His mother told him that he passed in exams. Hard to believe Mr.Reddy took his Bicycle and went to college where the results were announced. When Mr. Yellappa Reddy reached college he met his friend Mr. Krishna Bhatta. Both of them were very happy that their names were in the pass list. Co-incidentally both of them had an applied for Public service examination (Forestry superior training) and realized that it was last day to submit the forms. Mr.Krishna Bhatta suggested that they should approach Mr.Nagaraja (public service commission secretary) to consider application. But M.Yellappa Reddy was not positive as they had no certificates or postal order with them. But Mr.Krishna Bhatta pleaded Mr.Yellappa Reddy to come along and try to talk to public service commission secretary. With no hope and expectation Mr.Reddy accepted to go along with Mr.Bhatta. Both of them took their application and approached public service commission expected they were told that their application cannot be accepted without certificates. But Bhatta was not ready to give up so easy. He took Mr.Reddy to Secretary to explain their situation and request to accept the application. After listening to their situation Secretary took the application and wrote”Accept the application” and asked “how many days do you need to submit certificates?”  They said “In a week sir” as said both of them submitted their certificates in a week and attended exam.

Coimbatore to Dehradun

These were the days when Mr. Yellappa Reddy was doing his in soil chemistry at Coimbatore (1960). Yellappa Reddy receives a call from his brother. He was informed that he passed Public service examination (Forestry superior training) and to join the training he had to give a Medical examination and physical endurance test (20Km running). But Mr.Yellappa Reddy was a bit disappointed as he had no understanding about IFC. One of the professor noticed that Mr.Reddy was in some kind of a trouble and enquired what was wrong. Mr.Reddy explained that he got selected for IFC and had to attend a walk-in interview and give a medical examination. Listening to this his Professor congratulated him and told he must go and attend the interview and told that Mr.Yellappa Reddy would become a high rank officer one day. This boosted the confidence of Mr.Reddy and decided to go to Dehradun to attend the interview. The next morning Mr.Reddy reached Dehradun, after giving all the tests Mr.Reddy returned back to the college. Within a few days Mr.Reddy was informed that he cleared all the tests and was called for One on one interview. Mr. Reddy approached Mr. Patel (one of the rich and famous person of the time) to tell him that he passed in the exam and ask his help. Appreciating him he asked him to meet Mr. Padmanabhaiah (Chairman of Public service/High court Judge). Immediately Mr.Reddy went to Mr.Padmanabhaiah’s residence in Southend circle Bangalore. Mr.Reddy Told Mr.Padmanabhaiah that he passed all the tests and told he was going to attend a one on one interview and asked for his blessings. Mr.Padmanabhaiah appreciated him and wished him all the best. In a couple of days Mr.Reddy attend the interview. After the interview he went to Gandhi Nagar to meet his High school friend Ramu. Who is from a rich background. They had lunch together. As they met after a long time they spend time together. In the evening when Mr.Reddy came home he noticed his father was waiting for him at the gate. As Mr.Reddy was parking his bicycle his Father angrily asked where was he. Mr.Reddy told he went to meet his friend. His father asked him if he wanted to go back to Coimbatore. Mr.Reddy replied that he is not sure that he will get selected so he wanted to go back to the college. Nodding his head his father walked into the house. After dinner his father whispered “you are selected.” Mr.Reddy was surprised and was not able to believe asked “What?”  His father told that Padmanabhaiah (Chairman of Public service) sent a messenger to inform that Mr.Reddy was selected. Mr.Yellappa Reddy was so surprised and understood that a new chapter has begun in his life.

The Celebration in Village

The News of Mr.Yellappa Reddy selection in Public service examination (Forestry superior training) was hot news of the village. Everyone wanted to meet him congratulate him. Mr.Reddy often use to visit Mr.Muniyappa a local tailor. Muniyappa had a habit of frequently watched Telugu Movies and discuss it with young people who gathered at his shop. This attracted all the youth to spend time at his shop. As Mr.Yellappa Reddy was getting ready to go to join Forestry superior training Mr.Muniyappa met him and invited him to come to his shop. Surprised Mr.Reddy asked him why. But Muniyappa judt told him to come to his shop and went away. At 3.00 Pm when Mr.Yellappa Reddy reached Muniyappa’s shop he was surprised to see  a lot of bakery items which Muniyappa got for him. he locked the shop and offered everything to Mr.Yellappa Reddy. Serprised Yellappa Reddy asked him “why did you get so many things” Muniyappa replied “Eat my dear, you are going to be a big person, we are proud of you”.  Mr. Reddy felt so happy to see his Muniyappa’s unconditional affection towards him. The next day Mr.Yellappa Reddy’s Mother came to him and told that Tayakka (A women who stay opposite to Mr.Reddy’s house) wanted to invite Mr.Reddy for lunch, But as Mr.Reddy was from a top class family in society she was hesitating to invite him. Listening to this Mr.Reddy immediately told that he wanted to go to lunch at her house. When Mr.Reddy went to her house she was so happy and offered the best lunch to Mr.Reddy. All these incidents made Mr.YellappaReddy to realize how to love and be loved by the society.

1st lesson agent corruption

Finally Mr.Yellappa Reddy reached Dehradun to start with the training. It was too uncomfortable for him to fit in at the beginning as used to wearing suit and tie or eat with fork and knife. But he soon got used to it. All the officers in the campus helped Mr.Reddy to fit in. They did all his paper work for him. Seeing this Mr.Reddy’s father decided to offer an Rs 100 to a gentleman who was helping them a lot. When Offered, this young man looked at the money and told Mr.Reddy  “You will soon become a big officer. Do not learn these thigs”. These words changed Mr.Yellappa reddy’s thought process from the core.


After Mr.Yellappa Reddy finished his training at Dehradun he joined as gazette officer in Assistant conservator forest department Madikeri and was in his provisional period. Every evening Mr.Reddy and few other people from Bangalore use to meet at a coffee shop and took a small together. During this one person in the group Mr.Shivshanker (Income tax inspector) accidentally mentioned about a very good neighbor who passed away recently. He also mentioned that his elder daughter is ready to get marriage and other girls who are still young. As soon as Mr.Reddy heard the situation of that family a thought hit his mind and he thought “why shouldn’t I marry this women and support her family?” in the meantime back at Mr.Reddy’s house his father was approached by a Very rich man to get his Daughter married to Mr.Yellappa reddy. When this was informed to Mr.Reddy unable to deny his father he went to the house of Rich man. Mr.Reddy came back home and told he cannot fit into that house. He told they were too rich and he did not want to be a slave in that house. He told he wanted a wife whom he can take care of and not a wife who can take care of him. After a few days Mr.Reddy’s parents came to visit him. The next day his mother told him that there is a girl they choose for him and they wanted him to get married. When asked for details Mr.Reddy realized that this was the same girl that Mr.Shivshanker told about few days back. Mr.Reddy accepted on one condition that after his marriage with this girl no one should object him from helping her family. With this condition accepted by his family Mr.Reddy married Smt.Vimala. At Sajjan rao temple in the year 1964, January 31st.

Strategy at work

Mr.Yellappa Reddy always very strict about his ways and principles at work. He always was agent’s British technics, and always introduced his own new way of implementing things. Ones he became Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Hassan in the year 1970, Mr.Reddy introduced 1st of its kind ripper to grow plants. He developed the whole place. He was known for his suo moto decisions. He never backed on his actions always knew what he did was absolutely correct. During the period of Governor Dharmaveera Dr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy was transferred to Hunsur. Mr.Devegowda who was then MLA of Hassan was upset and wanted to retain Dr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy. But Mr.Reddy told that he respect Government decision and relocated to Hunsur in the year 1971 till 1977. It was during this period Dr.Reddy developed Nagarhole national park. He extended the area of Nagahole national park. Chief minister, Governor, and forest minister Mr. K.H.Patel supported Mr. Yellappa reddy and encouraged him to take best decisions to develop the forest area. It was this time that Mr.Reddy and his team insisted Kerala government to declare their forest area to give century. Dr. A.N. Yellappa Reddy finally succeeded in interlinking Mudumalai, Bandipur and Wayanad that is called Man and the Biosphere or Nilgiri Biosphere this really made a big impact during 1970-75.he implemented new technology like enrichment planting, mechanized plantation concept, Raising native species trees. This opened a new chapter of mechanization of the reforestation technics. this made him famous very soon. He never asked any favors for his superiors or the politicians who became his new friends. This in return made him one of the most powerful and sincere officer as he was not afraid of anyone and everyone knew he was very sincere at work. He took stringent action against smugglers. He never cut any green tree in his whole tenure he only extracted dead trees. He took drastic actions to control deforestation. He took care of about 100 elephants which were under the control of DFO. He utilized his powers to the best of his knowledge in developing the forests and its resources.

Encounter with Shivaram Karanth

Mr. Shivaram Karanth was a reputed and respected scholar. This was in 1986 when Mr.Shivaram Karanth travelled in place he noticed that it was all green. He never see the place green before and was very impressed with the changes that had happened. When enquired he was told that a new office Mr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy is the person responsible for such a great change.  One day after this Mr. A.N. Yellappa Reddy received a letter from Mr.Shivaram Karanth saying he wanted to meet and discuss about the work that. Mr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy did. Seeing that Mr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy was both surprised and also shocked. Mr.Shivaram Karanth was one of the big names of the time and he was known for being too straight forward and never use to spare even a smallest mistake. However Mr. A.N. Yellappa Reddy accepted to go and meet Mr.Shivaram Karanth at Bhatkal. Mr.Shivaram Karanth reached exactly on time at Bhatkal to meet Mr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy. Mr.Reddy was surprised to see how sharp Mr.Karanth maintains his time. Both of them had breakfast together. They travelled 3 days continuously. Every day they would start their walk at 8am in the morning and end their walk at 6 pm Evening. Mr.Shivaram Karanth was 86 years old. His legs were swollen but that didn’t stop him or even slow him down. As they walk he asked a million questions to know what, where and how things were done. And after knowing everything he appreciated Mr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy and congratulated him on his success. And also mentioned about Dr.A.N. Yellappa Reddy in his book named “Nammellarigu onde bhavishya”. After this Dr. A.N. Yellappa Reddy was recognized more as getting appreciation from Mr.Shivaram Karanth was not so easy. This made Dr.Yellappa Reddy much stronger and much focused to work better and got more support from every one.


After Serving at Bhadravathi for 2 years Dr.Yellappa Reddy opted for research In Bangalore. It was during this period Mr.Reddy identified several kinds of multipurpose trees which were not propagated by agricultural or horticultural Department. He took his stand in identifying multipurpose tree crops like Bela, Nelli, Jack tree etc. using grafting technique and budding technique. He created a Biodiversity park near Kalkere, Bangalore

New Technology implemented by Dr.Yellappa Reddy

Enrichment planting​

Enrichment planting is commonly used for increasing the density of desired tree species in secondary forests often characterized by a prevalence of low commercial species.

mechanized plantation concept

Raising native species trees

M&B Programme

Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) is an Intergovernmental Scientific Programme that aims to establish a scientific basis for the improvement of relationships between people and their environments.

MAB combines the natural and social sciences, economics and education to improve human livelihoods and the equitable sharing of benefits, and to safeguard natural and managed ecosystems, thus promoting innovative approaches to economic development that are socially and culturally appropriate, and environmentally sustainable.

Its World Network of Biosphere Reserves currently counts 686 sites in 122 countries all over the world, including 20 transboundary sites.

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is an International Biosphere Reserve in the Western Ghats and Nilgiri Hills ranges of South India. The Nilgiri Sub-Cluster is a part of the Western Ghats, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2012. It includes the Aralam, Mudumalai, Mukurthi, Nagarhole, Bandipur and Silent Valley national parks, as well as the Wayanad and Sathyamangalam wildlife sanctuaries. A fascinating ecosystem of the hill ranges of Nilgiris and its surrounding environments covering a tract of over 5000 square kilometers was constituted as Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in September 1986 under Man and Biosphere Programme. Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve is India’s first and foremost biosphere reserves with a heritage, rich in flora and fauna. Tribal groups like the Todas, Kotas, Irullas, Kurumbas, Paniyas, Adiyans, Edanadan Chettis, Allar, Malayan, etc., are native to the reserve.

PARK CREATED by Dr.Yellappa Reddy

Biodiversity park

Biodiversity, a portmanteau of biological (life) and diversity, generally refers to the variety and variability of life on Earth. … These tropical forest ecosystems cover less than 10 percent of earth’s surface, and contain about 90 percent of the world’s species.

Types of Garden implemented by Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy

In 1979-80 Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy met Mr.K. Ramachandra Rao. He introduced Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy to spiritual forestry. He thought Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy to create Herbal Garden and various other things. When Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy was posted in Uttara Karnataka he implemented a sacred garden, ritual gardens, during this time Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy had to relocate to Bangalore due to some health issues. However he continued to implement his gardens in and around Bangalore. He implemented gardens like Sri Chakra Vanam, Ashoka vanam, Panchvati garden, Panchavalkala garden, Tapo Vanam, Maha Vanam and many more. Approximately he created 300 types of Spiritual gardens. Even today Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy is still constantly creating more and more gardens.

curriculum vitae

Dr.A.N.Yellappa Reddy, An Environmental Activist

Personal Details




06 June 1938

Age 80 at Adugodi, Bangalore




Bangalore, Karnataka, India






2 daughters and a Son

1st Daughter:         Jyothi

2nd Daughter:        Swathi

Son:                        Vinod Kumar


Environmental Activist


Indira Priyadarshini Award

Kempegowda Award

Rajyotsava Award

Grameena Kutumba Prashasti


His school life started in Adugodi Munichinnappa School

Post-Graduation in Soil Science

After joining the state service served in capacity of a subdivision forest officer in Deputy conservative forest and chef conservative forest for about 35 years.

Graduated in Agriculture science (1960) from Mysore University.

Joined Forest services in 1962 till 1995


Joined as gazetted officer in assistant conservator forest department Madikeri in the year 1962.

Served as Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Hunsur in the year 1971-77

He took charge as conservator forest Uttara Karnataka in the Uttara Karnataka in the year 1981

Served as Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Hassan in the year 1970.

Served as Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Bhadravathi in the year 1977-79